Off the job

Off the job, daily life is shared with my husband, Johannes,Goldie and our cat, Goldie. Johannes is a visual artist and aspiring piano player, and Goldie is the mistress of the household.

In 2003 we moved from our long-time home in New Hampshire, exchanging the cold and rugged stability of the White Mountains for temperate and sun-filled winters by the Mediterranean on Spain's southeast coast. We soon made Spain our full-time home and in 2009 bought a house a little farther north in the Alicante region. Alicante esplanadeWe no longer walk just fifteen minutes to the beach, but we can have lunch in a sun-filled porch almost every day of the year, and I get my daily dose of natural vitamin D by playing a game of petanque, the occasional bike ride, hanging out the laundry, or just sitting outside with a coffee or glass of wine and a tapa. The Costa Blanca is a holiday destination and home for Lunch in the sun roomthousands of Europeans, and we appreciate the experience of living with multiple languages and cultures. Still, I find that moving to a foreign country when one has passed the midpoint of life is best met with curiosity, patience, and humor, and I write about some of the challenges and pleasures in a blog known as Sundays in Spain.  

Santa Pla Roman HouseCartagena Roman TheaterTwo trips home to the U.S. shape the year, but we still enjoy other travel, whether it is offered through visits to family in Denmark and Argentina, work-related trips, or just curiosity about our new country and the wider world around us.

Books--reading and browsing—have been a lifelong indulgence, and though I miss having nearby libraries and bookstores well-stocked with English-language titles, ebooks have come along to help me over that problem. The physical artifact still holds power, but now I restrain my tendency for acquisition, limiting my collections to works of and about the imaginative author for adults as well as children, Hans Christian Andersen--and to the cookbooks that satisfy me almost as much as cooking.





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